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Civil engineering services include the study and design of a wide range of public works projects which include road/street projects, water facilities projects, sewer facilities projects, and construction oversight/administration services.
Planning and Preliminary Engineering Reports are key components for getting your projects the jump start they need. Our Engineer’s are able to provide a flexible and customizable plan to best suite our Client’s needs.

We bring a wide range of knowledge to assist Client’s through the beginning application and preparation stages to finalizing and closing out of a project.  


Architectural design is the creation of construction documents that serve as a construction manual for any new construction, remodel, and expansion project. When unsure what type of project is the most suitable for a project, CES Group offers a Pre-Design service that helps narrow down the project scope and identifies the best solution.
In addition to document creation, architectural design can also provide communication with city municipalities, management of all subconsultants, and visualization of design expectations through 3D renderings.


Land surveying services encompass property boundary surveys, topographic mapping, GPS, FEMA floodplain elevations and other surveying services
Mapping services are related to land surveying on a larger scale. Community maps may be prepared or geographical information systems (GIS) may be developed.


Whether designing a new project or revamping an old one, we can help make your project a success. Our Consultation Services include the planning of new projects, preparing feasibility studies and answering questions about proposed projects.
Our extensive and long standing relationships with key decision makers in the areas we serve make it possible for us to offer a variety of comprehensive consultation services. Whether it be an individual, public or private company or government organization, we can answer a simple question or guide our client(s) through the process of designing, selecting a contractor, supervising construction and accepting a project.


Our Consultation Services include the planning of new projects, preparing feasibility studies and answering questions about proposed projects.


With more than 45 years of progressive growth, CES Group, Inc. construction administrators are more than qualified and experienced for major construction projects. Over the years our staff of certified inspectors has developed a professional working relationship with DOT, KDOT, and NDOT as well as numerous other state, county and local government agencies.
Our staff is experienced in inspections of streets, storm sewer projects, lagoons, LPA bridge inspections, concrete inspection and testing as well as asphalt testing. With the experience of our long time inspectors and the extensive knowledge of our modern support staff, our inspection skills are more than capable of meeting the needs of any civil engineering project.